Reduce back pain in the back of the neck instantly with herbal compresses

Back pain is the common name for all pain symptoms in the spine, lumbar region. The cause may be: tendon spasms, herniated disc, spinal degeneration … Neck and shoulder pain is a group of diseases related to the musculoskeletal system and neck and shoulder blood vessels. Circulatory disorders, anemia in the spine area, muscle tightening in the neck of the neck, overworked or stretched for too long are the reasons for local spasms and pain.

When the sick person is a physician

Ms. Huong (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) shared: “I have been an office worker for 6 years. Due to the characteristics of daily work, we have to sit in front of computers for a long time, inactive, so we often suffer from back and shoulder pain. But I think this is normal, like “hunger for vegetables, pain in taking medicine”, so take pain medication every time you take pain. ”

This is the wrong habit of Huong and most patients. Abuse of painkillers is only a temporary effect, obscuring symptoms of the disease. Not to mention side effects will lead to diseases of the liver, kidneys and stomach.

Heat and herbs relieve pain quickly

Dr Brian King of the University of London explains: “Hot compresses reduce pain by acting on certain heat-sensing organs like painkillers.”

Works of classical Eastern medicine Inner Kinh To Van – bi The article has written: “In bone disease, the hot needle or hot star medication is applied”

The body wants to be healthy, the blood must be full and circulating. If the amount of blood going to the parts is not enough it will cause pain. According to traditional Chinese medicine, “obstructive gas causes pain, smooth air aches and pains disappear”.

Lien Hoa Viet ice pack product was born based on the acquisition and development of the quintessence of traditional medicine as well as modern medicine.

Lien Hoa Viet is a combination of heat therapy with natural herbal essences that will have a direct effect on body points, helping to clear blood, increase blood circulation, and quickly relieve pain.

100% natural ingredients such as:

Cloves, Marjoram, Ginger, Lotus Leaf, Palm Leaves, Green Tea, Ngai, Mint, Que Chi, Thao Quyet Minh, …. help reduce back pain, neck and neck quickly, safely for all ages age including pregnant women.

The essence of natural herbs brings a soothing scent, creating relaxation and relieving stress for the user.

Each bag can be used from 100 to 200 times, within 2 years. In particular, Lien Hoa Viet compresses are designed to suit each position on the body such as the back, neck and neck, feet, knees, eyes. The use becomes convenient and economical.

With such outstanding advantages, Lien Hoa Viet is currently the most commonly used ice pack.


Who can use Lien Hoa Viet herbal packs?

With the elderly, the body is aging, the bones are weak and vulnerable, causing pain, especially when the wind is in the sky.

Office workers often sit in an 8-hour posture every day, being sedentary, resting their head on the table to nap or curling up in a chair …

Pregnant women with back pain are caused by a rapid weight gain during pregnancy, which compresses muscles, nerves in the back and shoulders or neck or hormonal changes.

In addition, Lien Hoa Viet is also used for people with knee pain, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, cold numb hands and feet.

Unlike hot packs, which are fragile and burnable, Lien Hoa Viet is absolutely safe. It’s really easy to use. With only 2-3 minutes of turning the pack in the microwave in the highest heating mode (800W) and placing it on the area where it should be applied, the pain will be reduced quickly the first time it is used. If you don’t have a microwave, heat the bag in a dry saucepan with a thick bottom, for 3 to 4 minutes. Store the product in a sealed plastic bag and store in a dry place. There is also an electric version to make use of it more convenient. The power after passing the adapter will only be 12V, so it is absolutely safe for users.
















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